Open Beta and Name Change

I think, due to the Corona lockdown, we all could use a little more entertainment. Wanting to do my part, I re-scheduled the Open Beta phase to now. There is no more need for invite codes. Everyone who wants to can register immediately and join a campaign (or start their own).

With the Open Beta phase comes a new name: charXchange becomes Pen&Paper Box.

The name charXchange used to be a pretty accurate description of what this project used to be in the beginning: just a place to save and share machine-readable character sheets.

With the campaign system and the in-browser voice chat, this project has become a full toolkit for enjoying a nice evening of games with your friends. I feel, the new name Pen&Paper Box reflects nicely on this.

Thank you Kev for suggesting this name. :-)

Martin 2020-03-15 18:10:41 UTC