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Voice Chat

Our online voice chat should run in all modern web browsers (tested with Firefox and Google Chrome). All you need is the device which you are current using and maybe a headset.

Voice Chat on mobile smart phones and tablets is currently experimental..

Roll Dice

Use our DiceBot to roll dice during your voice chats. For a continuously growing list of RPG systems, DiceBot offers auto complete of your rolls with values from your character sheet as well as an evaluation of the results.


We offer you a sketch board on which you can collaborate with your fellow gamers and Game Master to get a clear picture of the situation.


During and after each session, you can check all text messages, dice results and changes in character sheets the session's log.


Find campaigns and players

Join a campaign or start your own. Campaigns offer you:

  • A wiki with privilege system
  • Session planning tools
  • For downtime: A forum with dice-rolling support

For Game Masters

For Game and Dungeon Masters, we offer a GM screen to always stay ahead of the situation:

  • Import any character in Pen&Paper Box as a non-player character. Roll its dice and edits its stats on the fly.
  • Always have an eye on your player's character stats. Can they handle another encounter?


Open Beta and Name Change

I think, due to the Corona lockdown, we all could use a little more entertainment. Wanting to do my part, I re-scheduled the Open Beta phase to now. There is no more need for invite codes. Everyone who wants to can register immediately and join a campaign (or start their own).

With the Open Beta phase comes a new name: charXchange becomes Pen&Paper Box.

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Server migration complete

CharXchange has been migrated to a bigger and more powerful server. The responsiveness should have been increased.

Also increased have the costs to run charXchange. Small donations are greatly appreciated.

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