Terms of Service

By using the services provided one of the following domains (also referred to as Pen&PaperBox) you agree to these terms of service:

  • penpaperbox.de
  • penpaperbox.com
  • penandpaperbox.de
  • penandpaperbox.com
  • charxchange.com

Acceptable use

You may use all features of the Pen&PaperBox in a normal way. You may not use the Pen&PaperBox in a way that might disturb the operation or the security of our service. That means that you shall not participate in denial of service attacks targeting our site or perform brute-force or other attacks on user passwords or other features.

Furthermore you should only use our API in the way we documented it and try to cause as less load on our servers as possible.

User generated content

The Pen&PaperBox provides you with the means to upload user generated content such as a user name and character information for role-playing games. We are not liable for any content uploaded by users.

Acceptable content

You may not upload user generated content that

  • may insult other people or their beliefs or is generally offensive,
  • is inappropriate for children and minors (such as sexually explicit or gore content) or
  • infringes the copyright of others.

Content deletion

We reserve the right to delete any user generated content without notice, especially when we find the content unacceptable.


By uploading content to our site, you grant us a non-exclusive, irrevocable and sub-licensable license to distribute your content to other parties. You also assure that you have the right to grant us such a license.


We provide the service as is and are not liable for any damage cause by using our service. We are not liable for any loss of user generated content.

Applicable law

We operate under the law of the Federal Republic of Germany and may only be sued at a German court.