Voice chat directly from the browser

Until now, you needed a Mumble client to participate in voice-over-ip sessions hosted at charXchange. Thanks to the open-source project mumble-web, you can now join live session directly with your browser. That does not only improve accessibility but also helps players behind a restrictive firewall.

Since a few months, a channel is created on our Mumble server for each seassion that is planned in charXchange. Insiders were able to connect to that Server and join that channel. Every text message within these channels were recorded at the session logs. If Mumble users set their "comment" correctly, the log entries where shows with the name and avatar of the user or character.

That was already nice but all players had to take a few steps to make it work.

  1. Download and install a Mumble client software.
  2. Establish a connection to the Mumble server.
  3. Set the comment correctly to make associations from their Mumble user to charXchange player or character possible.
  4. Join the session channel.

"mumble-web" provides a nice solution for the first two steps out of the box. The last two steps were possible after a few modifications.

How to

15 minutes before the scheduled session start, charXchange automatically create a session channel on our Mumble server. If that does not happen, the session's organizer can repeat that step manually.

On the session page (the forum entry where the session was announced and you posted your attendance status), you can find at the top not only a link to the sketch board (which also shows the live logs) but also to Join session. You can select if you want to join the session as yourself (the player) or as one of your characters. Normally, Game Masters will join as themselves and everybody else will join as the character that they will be playing in this session.

Please note

Like many of charXchange's features, this feature is highly experimental. We did hardly test it and we are counting on you to test it in real-world conditions. ;-)

"mumble-web" currently does not work in Chrome. Please use Firefox for testing this feature.

Please cotact us if you encounter any bugs.

Martin 2018-12-02 20:44:34 UTC