The Social Update

"The Social Update" just went live. With this, we want to help charXchange to become a place that brings players together who are looking for a new online group. You can help us by updating your profil by checking your setting.

Role-playing systems

You can now show on your profile which role-playing systems you are experienced with and in which systems you are interested.

When typing in the systems, already existing systems will be suggested to you. If no system is presented, please feel free to continue typing and thereby adding a new system to this list. If possible, please also include the version or edition in the system's name, because the same list is being used for characters and campaigns and to add tool support for some of these systems in the future. And for that, the edition might be important.


You can also specify on your profile all your spoken languages. As role-playing systems, these are basically free-text fields because we don't want to stand in your way showing off your Klingon or Dothraki skills. ;-)

When adding a new language, please do so in the language's own term like Englisch, Deutsch, Polski, Español and so on. If you own any campaign on charXchange, please also consider specifying the campaign's language there, at least if you want the campaign to be found by other players.

However, there are still only two options for charXchange's interface: English and German.


On you campaigns, you can now write a short introductory text and specify if your campaign is currently looking for new players.

If you click on "Campaigns" in the menu at the top, you will not only see the campaigns you are currently involved with, but also campaigns that play one of your systems, speak one of your languages and are currently looking for new players.

We hope, that in this way, charXchange will help players find interesting new online groups. :-)

Did you just assume my gender?

And finally, you can write a short description of yourself on your profile (if you want to) and specify which pronouns should be used when interacting with you.

We don't care about your actual gender. We just want to know in which way we might refer to you. We have tried to circumvent this in the past by writing (more or less successfully) notification text that just avoid pronouns but this got harder and harder for us to write and probably harder for your to read which is why we have introduced the preferred pronouns.

However, we did not yet have this information about you, so we had to guess. By that, we might have chosen the wrong pronoun, so that is one more reason to check your settings. ;-)

Martin 2019-01-25 12:49:27 UTC