Open Beta and Name Change

I think, due to the Corona lockdown, we all could use a little more entertainment. Wanting to do my part, I re-scheduled the Open Beta phase to now. There is no more need for invite codes. Everyone who wants to can register immediately and join a campaign (or start their own).

With the Open Beta phase comes a new name: charXchange becomes Pen&Paper Box.

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Server migration complete

CharXchange has been migrated to a bigger and more powerful server. The responsiveness should have been increased.

Also increased have the costs to run charXchange. Small donations are greatly appreciated.

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Planned downtime 2019-03-03

On Sunday March 3rd 2019, charXchange will move to a bigger server. A longer downtime on this day is to be expected.

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The Social Update

"The Social Update" just went live. With this, we want to help charXchange to become a place that brings players together who are looking for a new online group. You can help us by updating your profil by checking your setting.

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Voice chat directly from the browser

Until now, you needed a Mumble client to participate in voice-over-ip sessions hosted at charXchange. Thanks to the open-source project mumble-web, you can now join live session directly with your browser. That does not only improve accessibility but also helps players behind a restrictive firewall.

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